Herbalism Video Courses & Herbalist Training Programs

All of our online herbalism courses are centered on video presentations, and include audio files for on-the-go learning, along with printable PDFs, quizzes, quick guides, and recommended resources for further study.

Students enrolled in any course are also invited to our twice-weekly live Q&A web conference sessions, where you can get direct feedback from Ryn & Katja!

Your enrollment never expires - you will have access to these courses for life. Whenever we update or add new material to a course you own, you'll get that, too - with no extra charges for the new material.

You can begin learning right away and continue through the material at your own pace.

Our Family Herbalist, Community Herbalist, Clinical Herbalist, and Emergent Responder programs are comprised of multiple individual courses. You can filter the list below to see which ones are included in each program.

Our whole-program prices save you money over buying individual courses, but you can always start out with individual courses if you want to. If you later decide to upgrade to the full program, we'll give you a personal discount equivalent to the amount you've already spent on courses which are included in that program - so you never have to pay for the same material twice.

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