Grow your confidence with herbal medicine so you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy.

In this program, you’ll learn how to work with herbs to keep yourself healthy, strengthen your immune system, improve the way your body handles stress, and boost your energy levels.

You’ll build up a tool kit of herbal knowledge to help when your body struggles - for example:

  • know how to head off those sniffles at the pass 
  • learn what works best for the headache that comes with your PMS
  • discover the best herbs for when your guts hurt and you’re stressed out

We’ll teach you how to work with herbs, listen to your body, and feel more connected to the earth - grounded in evidence-based practice.

Making herbal products in your own kitchen is surprisingly easy!

In video demonstrations, you’ll learn how to create a collection of herbal concoctions for yourself, your family & friends, and even to sell at your local market. 

We’ve incorporated herbs that are safe for most people, with clear guidelines when to avoid certain herbs. You’ll learn the basics of herbal energetics, the system we use to know which herb goes with which person in which situation, so you can create herbal protocols that calm, nurture, or reinvigorate your body. You’ll be able to take ownership of your own health, and support your friends and family.

When friends enter my kitchen, my collection of herbal goodies is the first thing they notice - and they know that when they get sick, there’s something on those shelves to help them out. You can support your loved ones too!

Feeling Better and Calmer

Tyshawn K.

"I have been caring for my elderly mother and it’s been really hard. But now I’m so excited to say she’s feeling better, and calmer, and I am too! Both of us feel less anxiety and I just feel relaxed. People have noticed that I don’t shake nervously like I used to. Just wanted to send you some good news and thank you for all your support as I’ve been learning with you."

Amy N.

"Katja and Ryn, thank you so much for your feedback and support! I’ve been making tea together with my 8 year old daughter since I started the course, and we’re both having so much fun! She’s even started formulating her own blends! I added some bonus herbs for a couple of girls with growing pains, and now all the moms want to get involved! We’re a homeschooling hybrid Montessori family and now we’re doing this as part of our curriculum!"

What's Included

This bundle includes both the Materia Medica and Medicine-Making courses - over 95 hours of videos!

  • 75+ hours Materia Medica videos

    In-depth videos about each individual herb, its energetics, and how to work with it in specific situations. Each video has close-up shots of each plant to help you identify it in nature. Plus: printable monographs!

  • 20+ hours medicine-making videos

    Close-up and step-by-step, see how to make every kind of herbal product and remedy. You can watch it on any device connected to the internet!
    Take your computer to the kitchen, and start making stuff right along with us!

  • Quizzes to test your skill

    Check your work! There are integrated quizzes so that you can be sure you're learning everything correctly.

  • Printable quick-guides

    You can keep notes handy for times that you just need to look up something quickly.

  • Do herbalism with your kids!

    You'll get 14+ videos all about herbal activities you can do with your kids of all ages - even your teens!

  • Your questions answered fast!

    You're invited to live Q&A sessions twice every week - and you can also type your questions into the chat right while you're watching the videos. We reply within 24 hours!

This bundle includes the Holistic Materia Medica and the Herbal Medicine Making courses. You can find the complete contents - every single item included in both courses, by clicking on the course names.

Additionally, there are three freebie courses included: the Family Herbalist Orientation, the Four Keys to Holistic Herbalism, and the AHG Registered Herbalist requirements tracking tool

That's a total of five courses included in the Family Herbalist program!

Add herbs to your life!

You can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and resilient all year round!

What you'll learn:

This course includes more than 95 hours of video content. You’ll learn how to work with more than 90 important herbs:

  • what each one does in the body
  • the best ways to work with each herb
  • how to choose which herb is best for your situation
  • which herbs to avoid if you're taking pharmaceuticals or if you're pregnant

And, there are close-up photos of each plant to help you identify them properly, as well as everything you need to know to source high-quality herbs.

And there are more than 50 different videos to show you exactly how to make all the different types of herbal preparations:

  • everything from infusions to elixirs, salves to electuaries
  • know which type of preparation is best-suited to the herbs you’re working with and your particular situation
  • make sure that your herbal products stay fresh and preserved

All with close-up, step-by-step videos that show you the whole process so that you will feel confident doing it yourself!

And, a bonus discount on herbs!

When you enroll in the Family Herbalist program, you get a 10% discount on your purchases at Mountain Rose Herbs for a whole year! You'll receive email with your access code as soon as you enroll.

But wait, there's more! 🙂

In addition to the videos, we provide features to accommodate all the different ways people like to learn, so you can internalize the information easily!

  • Lifetime access - so you can review the content as many times as you like, forever!

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Katja and Ryn- to ask your questions directly, live and in person! (They're even archived, in case you miss one!)

  • Ask questions anytime - we're always just a click away: you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, and we're committed to personally answering your questions, usually within 24 hours

  • Printable PDF materials - if you like to follow the videos along on paper, or keep them handy for a quick reference

  • Downloadable MP3 files - so you can review the content while you commute, workout, garden, ... anytime!

Two Payment Options:

You can choose 3 payments of $175.

Or, pay $500 one time, and save $25!

Either way, you get everything in the course & all the extras, for life.

Family & Community at the same time!

If you are interested in taking both the Family Herbalist and the Community Herbalist at the same time, you can bundle them both into one payment or payment plan here.

A lot of folks are interested in both the Family Herbalist program AND the Community herbalist program - and they enjoy working through the material from both programs together. 

In fact, when we teach this course in person, we teach it combined. We typically teach about 10 of the herbs from the Materia Medica course (included in the Family Herbalist) along with one of the body systems - and this is actually why the herbs are not in alphabetical order! Instead, they are grouped so that they will make sense if you decide to do the Family Herbalist program and the Community Herbalist program at the same time

Whichever way you choose, we're here to support your learning!

Zero-Risk Return Policy

Teaching isn't just about conveying information - there's also an aspect of being someone's "cup of tea".

So we want you to take the first 14 days to really decide if you love it or not. If for any reason you feel like this program isn’t right for you - if we're just not your cup of tea - we’ll give you a full refund. You don't even need a reason - just please let us know within 14 days of purchase.

The best herb school online!

Vanessa P.

"I researched different online herbalism courses for about two months and am so glad I found you two. There is so much more than just the material to this course. Because you teach everything in videos, and then with the live Q&A sessions every week, I feel like this is more of an in-person experience than an online course and I love that."

Bring the Kids!

If you have kids in your life, they will love this! There's a whole chapter filled with herbal activities you can do with children of all ages. You can incorporate this work into your homeschooling (or Covid schooling!), or just let it be a fun hobby for the family. 

Kids who know how to care for their own health are more likely to respect their bodies. When we teach kids to work with herbs to feel better - whether it's because they're sick or because they need something to provide emotional support - they have healthy tools to turn to when they feel bad. And learning to care for themselves and others builds compassion too!

So whether you're a parent, a grandparent, the cool Aunt, a teacher - whatever role you play in a kid's life, you'll find plenty of ways in this program to incorporate herbalism into your relationship! 

Kids love "playing" with herbs!

This program is family-friendly, and there is a whole chapter showing you how to do herbal activities with your kids!

You’re a part of our community

You’ll become part of a supportive community of people across the country (and the world!) who are prioritizing their health and deepening their connection to this earth - and each other.

And thanks to the live Q&A sessions, you’ll feel like you’re there with us, in person!

In love with this community!

Peggy L.

"I really, truly, madly love you guys and the community you have built with the plants and with us students. Not only that, this all comes at a perfect time: it’s been pulling me up through some darkness and it has been a lifesaver. I love having something positive to focus on and I feel like the more I get herbs into my life, the more the awfulness I’ve been dealing with in my life is falling away. I love learning with you."

Find your balance

Does life feel too busy?

There’s an herb for that!

You’ll learn herbs that help you feel calmer, reduce stress and anxiousness, and have more energy. 

And because the courses are taught by video, it’s like watching TV - except it’s TV that is the start of building a healthy balance into your life. You’re not only learning the exact tools you need to build a more sustainable life for yourself, but it’s fun and entertaining too! Plus, you can watch at your own pace, because you get lifetime access!

These classes boost my energy!

Shardé Roebuck

The courses boost my energy when I’m having a bad day - lol - I love it! The videos have become my new Netflix, I watch everywhere. Thank you again and again for this opportunity to change my life!

Your Teachers

Two heads are better than one!

Katja & Ryn
Katja & Ryn

Katja & Ryn almost always teach together. They each have particular talents and areas of interest, and their perspectives on certain issues are quite different! Together, they convey a fuller picture of the realities of herbal theory & practice than either one could do alone.

Katja is an herbalist and teacher working to help people rebuild their relationships with their bodies and their own ability to heal. She’s been in practice for nearly 20 years, but it all began with a desire to make her own “fancy tea” at home instead of paying high prices for imported blends at specialty stores. She’s kept that do-it-yourself ethic close to her heart.

Ryn has been a practicing herbalist since 2010. He came to herbalism by way of martial arts, where his first experiences with herbs were focused on getting back into the game and becoming more flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Passing that experience on to others is what keeps him motivated every day.

Together, Katja and Ryn teach everyone from children to elders, as well as pharmacy students from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Northeastern University School of Pharmacy, where they both serve as associate faculty. Ryn and Katja are the authors of Herbal Medicine for Beginners, and the creators of the weekly Holistic Herbalism Podcast.


5 star rating

All I could ask for and more!

Summer Grogan

I am no spring chicken :) As such, deciding to study herbalism at a later stage in my life was something that, although I knew was the path for me, I was hig...

Read More

I am no spring chicken :) As such, deciding to study herbalism at a later stage in my life was something that, although I knew was the path for me, I was highly skeptical of. I looked through so many schools and various courses and each one sounded great! Then I came across Ryn and Katja. As soon as I watched the first introduction video, something clicked. I saved up and bought this first module, the Materia Medica. I have loved every minute of every video. I am so pleased with the way they both teach and I simply cannot sing enough praises for the two of them. Their vast knowledge and true passion for what they do is evident in this course. I cannot wait to venture further in my own studies.

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5 star rating

Outstanding Course

Alison Bateman

I've taken other herbal medicine-making courses, but none have shown so clearly all of the steps involved. Katja and Ryn show you all of the steps while expl...

Read More

I've taken other herbal medicine-making courses, but none have shown so clearly all of the steps involved. Katja and Ryn show you all of the steps while explaining it in an easy to follow along matter. After taking this course I feel confident in my ability to make herbal medicine.

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5 star rating


Dawn Martucci

I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and look forward to continuing my herbal education. It has been so informative and completely enjoyable!! Thank you ...

Read More

I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and look forward to continuing my herbal education. It has been so informative and completely enjoyable!! Thank you Katja & Ryn!! :)

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5 star rating

Great class

Glenn McKinstry

I really enjoyed how organized the coursework was. Being able to see your herbal remedies being made in the various stages helped a great deal.

I really enjoyed how organized the coursework was. Being able to see your herbal remedies being made in the various stages helped a great deal.

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5 star rating

Standing ovation for materia medica

eileen testa

I bought this as an early Christmas gift to myself. I unwrapped it slowly never wanting it to end . I learned so much but what’s more is that I’m motivated t...

Read More

I bought this as an early Christmas gift to myself. I unwrapped it slowly never wanting it to end . I learned so much but what’s more is that I’m motivated to keep learning. My hunger for herbal knowledge seems to be growing! Thank you for the content and unlimited access to the videos , I will revisit often!

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Tuition Options

This program has both flat-fee and payment plan options.

This is perfect!

Kathryn Z.

"I appreciate this program so much! What you guys are doing, the format, the ease of learning the content – it’s magnificent! I am so enjoying myself, and am going to be seriously bummed out when I reach the end of the courses."

Try it out!

Check out this free video from our Holistic Herbalism Materia Medica course, all about Ginger.


The Materia Medica course currently includes profiles of 89 of our favorite herbs - and it's still growing! As new profiles are released, they'll be added to your subscription, for no additional fee.

Ready to begin?

Learn herbalism to be more resilient, more self-sufficient, more connected to your community ... learn for yourself, and for those around you. The world needs more herbalists!


  • Can I really learn herbalism online - isn’t this the kind of thing that needs to be really hands-on to be understood?

    It’s absolutely true that you can’t deeply understand and the practice of herbalism just by reading, watching, or listening alone - you do need to get your hands dirty to learn this. However, you also can’t learn herbalism simply by being in the presence of a teacher. The real question is, do you get direct contact with the plants? It’s that contact, along with some guidance and structure, that makes the difference. And we’ll help you make that contact, even from a distance - we’ve got a system for it, and it works!

    This is material we’ve developed over our combined years as practitioners and teachers - that’s 20 years for Katja and 11 for Ryn, and counting! - and we’ve thought long and hard about how to best present it at a distance while maintaining the authenticity of presence. What we offer here is the result of continual, ongoing refinement in methods of conveying that material to you, so you can really come into your own as an herbalist.

  • This seems like a lot of material. How long does it take to complete?

    You have access to the whole program starting the moment you sign up, and you can take as long as you need to work through all 58 hours+ of video and the accompanying quizzes, notes, and resources.

    This program typically takes 13 weeks to complete, but you can watch the videos at your own pace, and re-watch them at any time. That is, indeed, a substantial time commitment! When it comes to herbalism, though, we promise: it’s just a start. For comparison’s sake, our first-year “apprenticeship” style program comprises 200 contact hours, spread out over the 9 months it meets.

    Each lesson is structured so that you can have time to actually do the work of experiencing, experimenting with, and exploring different ways of interacting with the herbs.

  • Will I be a “certified herbalist”, “licensed herbalist”, or “master herbalist” after completing this program?

    This is actually a complex question to answer - and the long answer gets into the oddities of professional regulation, educational standards, and related topics - but the short version goes like this:

    Herbalists in the US are not certified or licensed by any governmental body, which means that neither we nor anyone else can make you a “certified herbalist” - just an herbalist with a certificate. Similarly, herbal schools in the US are not accredited according to any national standard, and terms like “master herbalist” or “certified herbalist” are used by different people to indicate very different courses of training and experience. Many schools do use that terminology, because it’s something that our culture sees as recognition, but these are not titles with a uniform meaning or any legal status.

    Given all of the above, when choosing an herbalist to study or consult with, you have to keep your critical thinking hat on and assess each school, teacher, or practitioner on their own merits!

    At our school, we look at mastery of herbalism as a lifelong, ongoing pursuit - not something earned after a single year of study. We teach skills and practices that will make you a competent, safe, and confident herbalist - now and in the future.

    We are a Member School of the American Herbalists Guild, and all of our programs do complete with a certificate documenting your hours of study, which can be helpful if you choose to join the AHG as a professional member in the future. If you’re interested in recognition by the American Herbalists Guild, we can help! The following course progression meets the educational requirements to qualify as a professional member:
    Family Herbalist
    Community Herbalist
    Clinical Herbalist
    Clinical Mentorship

    During clinical mentorship, you have the potential to meet the clinical requirements for professional membership as well. We’re happy to help guide you through that process!

Study Buddy Discount!

It's better together :-)

Do you want to learn with a friend or three? We've got a discount for that! 

For every person in your group who signs up, there's a discount, and you can divide it any way between you. If two people sign up, the second enrollment is 25% off but you can split it up any way you want - i'll make you a custom coupon! If you both want 12.5% off, yay! Or if you just got a big raise and your friend didn't and you want to give her more discount, you could take 5% and she could take 20% - whatever!

If three or four people sign up, the third or fourth enrollment is 50% off, and if five people sign up, one enrollment is totally free - again, divided up any way the group wants to divide it. Do you have more than five people? Let me know!

Just send us email directly at before you enroll so that i can create a custom coupon code for your study buddy group!