Root Down, Branch Out

Rigorous herbal education for the serious student.


Root Your Herbal Knowledge in a Strong Foundation.
Branch Out In Confidence and Good Health.

We've been teaching classes together here in Boston for 10 years, developing a comprehensive and effective program to train confident, skilled herbalists.

Now, we're bringing you the same dedication and attention to detail in an online education platform, so you can learn from us wherever you are! Whether you're simply looking to care for yourself and your family with natural methods, or a more experienced student seeking training in clinical herbalism, we have a course for you.

We took our time finding just the right tech and texture to make sure we'd do justice to the material. We're thrilled to be ready to share our excitement about herbs with people all over the world!

Check out our course offerings below – each course includes a free trial lesson!


4 Keys to Holistic Herbalism

Discover an integrated approach that gives you a foundation for successful practice for yourself, your family, or as a profession.


Herbalism 101: Learn Your Herbs & Make Your Medicines

Everything you need to know to get started with herbalism!

Payment Plan (10 x $250)

Foundations in Holistic Herbalism

Root down & branch out with our comprehensive 200-hour video program.


Foundations in Holistic Herbalism - Orientation & Introduction

An introduction to your teachers, an orientation to the syllabus and coursework, and a whole host of resources.


Holistic Herbalism Materia Medica

This course will introduce you to more than 85 of the most useful and prominent herbs in contemporary herbalism.


Herbal Medicine-Making

Learn to make herbal teas, tinctures, infused vinegars and honeys, elixirs and syrups, salves and lotions . . . and much more!


History, Philosophy, & Energetics

Course begins 9/1/2018. Knowing the history of our practice, and getting familiar with a set of foundational principles which influence all levels of our work as herbalists, will make you a more effective and versatile practitioner.


Basic Phytochemistry

Course begins 9/1/2018. Discover the aspects of phytochemistry with the most practical relevance to the work of the herbalist.


Fundamentals of Formulation

Course begins 10/1/2018. Herbs are complex agents in their own right, but when combined they can act in excitingly intricate ways. Learn how to build pairs, trios, and teams of herbs to make your remedies more specific and effective!


Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition

Course begins 11/1/2018. Herbalism and nutrition go hand-in-hand: many ailments can only be resolved by addressing diet and nutritive status, and herbs have much to offer nutritionally as well as medicinally.


The Digestive System

Course begins 12/1/2018. You're not what you eat - you are what you digest! Supporting healthy digestion is not only about resolving bellyaches and IBS, but can make a major difference in chronic illness.


The Cardiovascular System

Course begins 1/1/2019. Heart disease is a leading cause of death, but much of it can be prevented with holistic methods! Whether you're trying to manage blood pressure or heal a broken heart, herbs can help.


The Urinary System

Course begins 2/1/2019. Learn how to support your kidneys, soothe an inflamed bladder, fight a UTI, and much more in this study of an essential system. Keep your inner waters flowing clean & clear!


The Respiratory System

Course begins 3/1/2019. Herbal teas and tinctures can bring quick and lasting relief to respiratory problems. Breathe easy! This course includes an extensive discussion of how to handle colds and the flu with herbs.


The Immune System

Course begins 4/1/2019. Defend yourself with herbs! Get beyond echinacea and learn the full complement of herbal actions and nutritional strategies that can build immune resilience, fend off pathogens, or reign in an overactive system.


The Nervous System & Emotional Health

Course begins 5/1/2019. Herbs operate on all levels of the self, altering physical, mental, and emotional states. Learn to work fluidly in each of these realms and find the common ground between them.


The Integumentary System

Course begins 6/1/2019. Your skin is your presentation to the world, and it reflects the state of your internal health. Learn how to work from the inside out and the outside in to support healthy skin and resolve nagging problems!


The Musculoskeletal System

Course begins 7/1/2019. Holistic care for muscles & bones means not only working with herbs for soreness, strains, and other injuries, but also recognizing the impact of movement and alignment on whole-body health.


Herbal First Aid

Course begins 8/1/2019. Herbs to relieve pain, prevent infection, and speed healing are just the beginning. We'll cover sturdy bandaging techniques for difficult wounds, herbs for acute issues, & how to build your own first aid kit!


The Reproductive Systems

Course begins 9/1/2019. Herbs don't check your chromosomes before going to work in your body: there are no "female" or "male" herbs! But there certainly are herbs that can help out with troubles affecting the reproductive systems: learn them here!


Holistic Health for Children

Course begins 10/1/2019. Kids love herbs, & herbs love kids! Learn how to safely & effectively cope with childhood illnesses and concerns, as well as the unique challenges of puberty.


Holistic Health for Elders

Course begins 11/1/2019. Getting older doesn't have to mean getting sicker! Stay vital, energetic, focused, and resilient in the wisdom years with the support of herbs and holistic interventions.


A Holistic Approach To Lyme Disease

Learn effective holistic strategies for mitigating chronic Lyme disease, including specific proven herbal remedies, based on extensive clinical experience.


Herbs for Birth Workers

Learn to incorporate herbal remedies into your work as a midwife, doula . . . or new mom!


Holistic Fertility

Learn what you need to know to support and prepare your body to build a baby!


Elements of Detoxification

Learn the truth about detoxification - what it is, what it isn't, and the role herbs can play in a holistic, personalized protocol.


Supporting Kids Through Puberty

The teen years are full of ups and downs, herbs and holistic lifestyle changes can make things go much more smoothly. Learn how!

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