Your Roadmap to the Family Herbalist program

You'll meet Katja and Ryn (that's us!), get the syllabus for the program, as well as handy tips to make sure you have everything you need to succeed!

This will also help you understand our teaching philosophy and let you know if you like our style. 

So jump right in - it's free!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! (48:21)

    • Welcome to the Family Herbalist Orientation!

    • How many hours is this course?

    • How to use this platform

    • How to use the Notification Beamer

    • Meet Your Teachers

    • Why we don't say "Master Herbalist"

    • What are the requirements to be a Registered Herbalist?

    • How to learn Herbalism

    • Experiential Learning: "Just Do It."

    • Every Body is Different

  • 2

    How much time do i need to complete this program? (09:05)

    • You have lifetime access!

    • How long will it take me to complete the program?

    • Herbalism is a life-long pursuit

  • 3

    What order should i watch the lessons in? (03:01)

    • Learning is a Spiral!

    • What order should i watch the courses in?

  • 4

    Getting answers to your Questions (14:25)

    • How to ask us questions

    • Resources to help you research

    • Asking questions in the discussion threads

    • Chatting in the Community Groups

    • Meet our Friends!

    • Attending the live Q&A video conference sessions

  • 5

    What can i do as an Herbalist?

    • Family Herbalist is the Foundation

    • Your path to starting an herbal products business

    • Your path to opening an herb shop

    • Your path to becoming a Clinical Herbalist