Build Better Health in your Community

Herbalism is called the "medicine of the people", and it's true: there are a lot of safe, accessible herbs that can make a huge difference in daily wellbeing.

This course provides simple, inexpensive, effective strategies that will make a difference in some of the most common concerns in our society today.

We've selected herbs that are safe, easy to get, and that do not commonly have drug interactions - so you can take action to improve your health from the ground up.

This course includes 20 hours of video, plus printable quick guides, resources, live Q&A sessions, and more. 

It is available by donation and no one will be turned away for lack of funds!

Creating Mutual Aid

We often hear about "panic" during times of trouble, but the truth is, when the stuffin' hits the fan, real people in real communities help one another - even at risk to their own safety.

We want to help you. ❤️️

It doesn't take a natural disaster to require community support - there are too many places in our country where people don't have the resources they need to get good quality health care, and because of that, communities are at higher risk when disasters do happen. But we can support each other and take safe steps to care for our own health - and to make our communities stronger.

We intend this course to be a resource to help you start to build better health in your community. There are videos with accessible strategies to improve common health issues so that you can learn to not only build your own health, but to help others. We've centered this work around strategies that are safe for all people, that have very low risk, and that will work to improve your health outcomes whether you have access to conventional health care or not. 

We've chosen herbs that are easy to get and easy to grow, and included information on growing herbs and even starting community and neighborhood gardens.

It's easier to make healthy changes together, and we envision health clubs and mutual aid groups across the country gathering together to support one another. We've included information about how you could go about setting up these kinds of gatherings!

We can't solve every problem, but we can make a difference!

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Herbal Community Care Toolkit!

    2. Live Q&A sessions twice a week!

    3. How many hours is this course?

    4. How to use this platform

    5. The "What's New" button on your dashboard

    6. How to use the Discussions feature

    7. Meet our Friends!

    8. Chatting in the Community Space

    9. Use of Course Material (Intellectual Property)

    10. Every Body is Different

    1. Stronger together!

    2. Community Care Clubs & Collectives

    3. Printable Quick Guide

    4. Toolkit Quick Guide

    5. 🌿 Herb Safety in Pregnancy 🌿

    1. Short Infusions

    2. Short Infusions [audio]

    3. Cold Infusions

    4. Cold Infusions [audio]

    5. Long Infusions

    6. Long Infusions [audio]

    7. Infusions Summary

    8. Maceration Tinctures

    9. Maceration Tinctures [audio]

    10. Maceration Tinctures Summary

    11. Other methods

    1. High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

    2. [Audio] High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol

    1. Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

    2. [Audio] Diabetes & Pre-diabetes

    1. Edema

    2. [Audio] Edema

About this course

  • $50.00
  • 71 lessons
  • 22.5 hours of video content

You'll learn 56 safe, accessible herbs

We've chosen herbs that are available at your local grocery store or are likely to be growing near you for this course:

We can improve health in under-resourced areas

There are places in our country where the nearest medical care is more than an hour's drive away. There are places where the medical care that is available is so understaffed that it's practically impossible to be seen. There are people in our country whose health concerns are not taken seriously or respected. There are many, many people without access to affordable health insurance - so even if there is care available, it is not accessible to them.

The purpose of this course is to share knowledge and skills that will empower communities to take action to support their own holistic wellbeing. This is not a replacement for access to quality medical care, but a way to fill the gap with safe strategies that will improve common health concerns. We've chosen strategies that are safe for people who are receiving conventional treatment and want to complement to their health care, as well as for people who don't have access to health care at all. 

our friend Zoe makes amazing herbal pottery: find her @herbnerdzoe

This work is available to all!

We have created sliding scale donation options for this course. We typically offer courses at $10/video hour or a little less, so the actual price of this course would be $200.

If you have stable income, consider the Pay It Forward option - this helps to subsidize making this course free for people who need it. 

When you Pay It Forward, you're helping to pay the monthly fee we are charged per student enrolled, so that we can cover as many people as possible. 

Regardless of which option is accessible to you, we thank you for supporting this community and for helping to make this work available to all. 

If the donation options are not accessible for you, don't worry:

Anyone who needs it can get a coupon code to make this course free - just send us email at 

Enrollment and Donation options

No one will be turned away for lack of funds!

You can email us at for a coupon code to get this course free!

But wait, there's more! 🙂

In addition to the videos, we provide features to accommodate all the different ways people like to learn, so you can internalize the information easily!

  • Lifetime access - so you can review the content as many times as you like, forever!

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Katja and Ryn - to ask your questions directly, live and in person! (They're even archived, in case you miss one!) This course has 6 months of live Q&A support.

  • Ask questions anytime - we're always just a click away: you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, and we're committed to personally answering your questions, usually within 24 hours

  • Printable PDF materials - if you like to follow the videos along on paper, or keep them handy for a quick reference

  • Downloadable MP3 files - so you can review the content while you commute, workout, garden, ... anytime!

Dismantling Systemic Racism & Oppression

Our society is not equitable:

There are people who have more than they could use in many lifetimes, and others who don't have enough to get through the day. 

And we see time and again that those who have the least are the ones who are asked to sacrifice: Black communities, Native American communities, Immigrant and Refugee communities, and areas in our country that have been designated as "National Sacrifice Zones", like the amazingly beautiful mountains of West Virginia that are being torn apart for their coal. 

Marginalized communities bear the brunt of the risk and the cost of our country's wealth.

Together, we can fight for a more just society - and as herbalists specifically, we can fight systemic oppression by building health and resilience in our communities. We want to work with you so that this program will be a force for creating better health for all people, and empower the changes that we need in the world right now.

This work is available to all, regardless of your ability to pay. If you would like to make a donation, just choose the option that works for you. 

If you are not able to, don't worry! Just email us at and we will send you a coupon code to access this material for free!

Lots of ways to learn!

  • Video lessons

    Everything is taught by video - so you don't have to spend a lot of time reading to learn!

  • Audio files

    Every video has an .mp3 audio file too, so you can learn or review on the go!

  • Printable Quick-Guides

    You don't have to remember it all - there are quick guides you can refer to any time!

  • Live Q&A

    You can ask questions live in the weekly Q&A sessions, or type them right into the comments on every lesson - whatever is best for you!

Zero-Risk Return Policy

Teaching isn't just about conveying information - there's also an aspect of being someone's "cup of tea".

So we want you to take the first 14 days to really decide if you love it or not. If for any reason you feel like this program isn’t right for you - if we're just not your cup of tea - we’ll give you a full refund. You don't even need a reason - just please let us know within 14 days of purchase.