Working Concurrently

If you'd like to do the Family Herbalist program concurrently with the Community Herbalist program, you can bundle them both into one payment or one 10-month payment plan!

We recommend that students who do this start off with the first 5 or 10 chapters of the Materia Medica course, and at least the first 2-3 chapters of the Medicine Making course.

That will give you a good starting point - from there, you can start into the Community courses, and just continue to do 5-10 chapters in the Materia Medica and 1-2 chapters in the Medicine Making each month.

We like to set everything up so that you can learn in the order that is best for you - so feel free to skip around if that matches your style. But this is a good template for moving through the two programs concurrently if it appeals to you 🙂

And, a bonus discount on herbs!

When you enroll in the Family + Community programs, you get a 10% discount on your purchases at Mountain Rose Herbs for a whole year! You'll receive email with your access code as soon as you enroll.

Tuition Options

You can choose either a flat-fee or a payment plan option.

This bundle includes...

This bundle includes all of the courses in the Family Herbalist program, AND all the courses in the Community Herbalist program, so that students who want to do these concurrently can bundle them into one payment. 

Both of these programs can be purchased independently at the links above.