You need a good night's sleep.

Learn how herbs and holistic strategies can help you!

Resolving sleep problems can be more complicated than just a quick cup of tea before bed. In this course, you’ll learn how to create an entire holistic herbal protocol for yourself to deal with sleep issues once and for all.

We've included:

  • a complete materia medica - a list of herbs that will help with sleep issues, with clear guidance about which one to choose in your specific situation

  • holistic actions you can take early in the day to help reset endocrine problems that are often at the root of persistent sleep problems

  • specific steps that will help you release stress, deal with pain, and manage other issues that interfere with sleep

It's all designed to give you the tools you need to get some rest.

15 in-depth videos, downloadable quick guides, live Q&A sessions, and more:

all for $25!

What you'll learn:

  • How to reset your circadian rhythm

    So many sleep issues are hard to manage because there is a hormonal component. Learn how to reset the hormones that are involved in sleep so that your body isn't fighting against you when it's bedtime.

  • How to make your sleep more restful

    Falling asleep is just the beginning: learn what you need to make sure that you are able to sleep through the night and to recover quickly if you wake.

  • How to recover from sleep debt

    Chronic lack of sleep has implications for your health overall. Learn how to create a space in your life to recover from sleep debt so you can feel full of energy again!

  • Specific herbs for different types of sleep problems

    Every body is different, and the ways in which we can't sleep are different too! Learn all the herbs that can help and which one you should choose for the type of help that you need right now.

Check out the course curriculum:

    1. Welcome to Holistic Help for Better Sleep!

    2. Live Q&A sessions twice a week!

    3. How many hours is this course?

    4. How to use this Platform

    5. The "What's New" button on your dashboard

    6. How to use the Discussions feature

    7. Meet our Friends!

    8. Chatting in the Community Space

    9. Use of Course Material (Intellectual Property)

    10. Herbalism (and health!) is Bioregional

    11. Herbalism (and health!) is Bioregional [audio]

    12. Every Body is Different

    13. Course Outline

    14. Better Sleep Introduction

    15. Better Sleep Introduction [audio]

    16. Action Prompt: Plan Your Herbs!

    1. Dreaded "Sleep Hygiene" Recommendations!

    2. Sleep Hygiene - Introduction

    3. Sleep Hygiene - Introduction [audio]

    4. Action Prompt: Assessing the Situation

    5. Sleep Hygiene to Start in the Morning

    6. Sleep Hygiene to Start in the Morning [audio]

    7. Sleep Hygiene to Do in the Afternoon

    8. Sleep Hygiene to Do in the Afternoon [audio]

    9. Sleep Hygiene for the Evening

    10. Sleep Hygiene for the Evening [audio]

    11. Teatime Meditations

    12. Making your phone and computer night-time friendly

    13. Action Prompt: What's your list?

    14. Quick Guide: Sleep Hygiene

    15. Sleep Hygiene Quiz

    1. Should You Try Melatonin Supplements?

    2. Should You Try Melatonin Supplements [audio]

    1. Action Prompt: What are you thinking about?

    2. Strategies for Difficult Cases

    3. Strategies for Difficult Cases [audio]

    4. Sleep and the Endocrine System

    5. Sleep and the Endocrine System [audio]

    6. Resources for Endocrine Based Sleep Issues

    7. Quick Guide: Difficult Cases

    8. Action Prompt: What's your plan?

    1. Materia Medica for Better Sleep [printable]

    2. 🌿💊 Herb-Drug Interaction notes for Better Sleep

    3. 🌿 Herb Safety in Pregnancy 🌿

    4. Materia Medica: Relaxants

    5. Materia Medica: Relaxants [audio]

    6. Materia Medica: Sedatives

    7. Materia Medica: Sedatives [audio]

    8. Materia Medica: Hypnotics

    9. Materia Medica: Hypnotics [audio]

    10. Materia Medica: Nervine Trophorestoratives

    11. Materia Medica: Nervine Trophorestoratives [audio]

    12. Materia Medica: Adaptogens

    13. Materia Medica: Adaptogens [audio]

    14. Action Prompt: Which herbs are right for you?

    15. Sleep Herbs Quiz

    1. Putting It All Together

    2. Putting It All Together [audio]

    3. Quick Guide: Putting It All Together

    4. Action Prompt: How will you put it together?

About this course

  • $25.00
  • 70 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Good sleep is worth learning some new habits.

The best herb school online!

Vanessa P.

"I researched different online herbalism courses for about two months and am so glad I found you two. There is so much more than just the material to this course. Because you teach everything in videos, and then with the live Q&A sessions every week, I feel like this is more of an in-person experience than an online course and I love that."

But wait, there's more! 🙂

In addition to the videos, we provide features to accommodate all the different ways people like to learn, so you can internalize the information easily!

  • Lifetime access - so you can review the content as many times as you like, forever!

  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with Katja and Ryn - to ask your questions directly, live and in person! (They're even archived, in case you miss one!). This course has 6 months of live Q&A support.

  • Ask questions anytime - we're always just a click away: you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, and we're committed to personally answering your questions, usually within 24 hours

  • Printable PDF materials - if you like to follow the videos along on paper, or keep them handy for a quick reference

  • Downloadable MP3 files - so you can review the content while you commute, workout, garden, ... anytime!

Your Teachers

Two heads are better than one!

Katja & Ryn
Katja & Ryn

Katja & Ryn almost always teach together. They each have particular talents and areas of interest, and their perspectives on certain issues are quite different! Together, they convey a fuller picture of the realities of herbal theory & practice than either one could do alone.

Katja is an herbalist and teacher working to help people rebuild their relationships with their bodies and their own ability to heal. She’s been in practice for nearly 20 years, but it all began with a desire to make her own “fancy tea” at home instead of paying high prices for imported blends at specialty stores. She’s kept that do-it-yourself ethic close to her heart.

Ryn has been a practicing herbalist since 2010. He came to herbalism by way of martial arts, where his first experiences with herbs were focused on getting back into the game and becoming more flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Passing that experience on to others is what keeps him motivated every day.

Together, Katja and Ryn teach everyone from children to elders, as well as pharmacy students from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Northeastern University School of Pharmacy, where they both serve as associate faculty. Ryn and Katja are the authors of Herbal Medicine for Beginners, and the creators of the weekly Holistic Herbalism Podcast.

Zero-Risk Return Policy

Teaching isn't just about conveying information - there's also an aspect of being someone's "cup of tea".

So we want you to take the first 14 days to really decide if you love it or not. If for any reason you feel like this program isn’t right for you - if we're just not your cup of tea - we’ll give you a full refund. You don't even need a reason - just please let us know within 14 days of purchase.