I really enjoyed this course! I've been an herbalist for awhile, but took this course because there isn't a lot about tween and teen health out there in herb world. As an herb-loving mom, the topic appealed to me. Katja covered many topics like nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle issues, and presented them in a very honest and balanced way. At times, my 10 year old listened in, and she asked me questions that allowed us to have a starting dialogue about health – not in a "mom advice" way, but as an interesting subject we could explore together. I’ve since recommended this course to many of my friends who have teens – it's a great value for the price!
~ Brooke S.

Support for kids, sanity for parents.

Do you have kids going through puberty, or who are about to? If you (or your teen!) have been feeling like you don't know which end is up any more, this is the course for you!

Tweens and Teens don’t come with an instruction manual. And even if they did, it probably wouldn’t be very helpful! Every kid is different, every parent is different, every parent-child relationship is unique. There’s no One Right Way to be a parent – but there are tools and tricks that can make it easier.

Katja has a whole buffet of suggestions for you. If it feels like a lot, don’t worry! You can explore these ideas at your own pace, and pick the ones that work best for you and your teen/tween.

Parenting through the puberty years can be isolating. Get advice and tools from someone who’s been there!

Experience and experimentation.

Life is all about experimentation, and that’s especially acute during the teen years. Put your kid’s desire to experiment to work – for them, and for you.

These ideas may not make them want to clean their rooms (though there’s always hope!), but they will help them build strong, healthy bodies and minds to get through the challenges of adolescence.

Collaborate instead of commanding.

This course is designed for parents of pre-teens and teens, as well as practitioners who work with adolescents – but it’s suitable for adolescents themselves, as well!

No one likes to be lectured, and that goes double for teens. If you’ve been running into trouble trying to get your teen to adopt healthier habits, consider that it may be more palatable if it’s coming from someone else.

This isn’t just something you can do for your kid, it’s also something you can do with your kid! You could both watch the videos together, or you could each watch them on your own and have a weekly discussion session. Imagine if you were learning together, instead of lecturing – wouldn’t that be better?

Understanding the physiology of what's going on with your tween/teen will help you both find patience when things feel like they are spiraling out of control. Not only that, but it turns out there's a lot you can do to stop the spinning!

What’s Included

This complete course includes webinar-style and standard video sessions chock full of strategies to make the years of puberty more peaceful for everyone in the family. By the end of this program, you'll know dozens of ways to incorporate herbs into your teen’s food, drinks, and self-care routines to keep you and them healthy and resilient as they transition into adulthood.

We want your experience to be as close to “being there in person” as possible, and we want to accommodate as many different styles of learning as possible. That’s why we also provide:

  • Lifetime access - your access never expires, so you can move at your own pace and review as many times as you want
  • PDF materials - quick reference guides and worksheets as a companion to the video lessons
  • MP3 audio files - so you can review the content while you commute, workout, garden, ... anytime!
  • Direct access to Katja - she's always just a click away: you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, and she's committed to personally answering your questions within 24 hours
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions - call in live every week to get some face time and direct feedback
You really helped my confidence and it shows through when I need to do these things for myself. I feel like you are there telling me I can do it. Thanks so much for everything!
~ Rebecca L.


Supporting Kids Through Puberty includes four sessions, giving you all the info you need to make adolescence easier.

Session 1

  • Puberty and Productivity
  • Physiology of Puberty
  • Hormones (Insulin, Growth Hormone, Melatonin, Adrenaline) and Xenoestrogens
  • Supporting the Liver & Kidneys
  • A Roadmap for Making Changes

Session 2

  • Food and Puberty
  • Putting Nutritional Theory Into Practice
  • Herbs to Support Nourishment

Session 3

  • Body Products (Skin, Hair, Makeup, Menstrual Supplies)
  • Movement & Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Herbal Allies

Session 4

  • Stress (Physiology, Mitigation Strategies, Herbs)
  • Emotional Support Herbs – for Kids and Parents
  • Suggestions from a Real Live Teen
  • Herbs for Psychological and Emotional First Aid

Plus, we’re planning some bonus material to be added* soon:

  • Coping With Difficult Emotions in the Internet Age
  • Dealing With Divorce

* Your access will never expire and you won’t be charged extra when new content is added.

Is this for me?

The fact is, not every teacher or program will be a good fit for each person. Here are a few things to think about that can help you feel confident this program is a smart choice!

This program is for you if:

  • You are raising kids, teaching kids, mentoring kids, ... basically, if you spend any substantial time with kids at all!
  • Your parents did a great job raising you, but the world is so different today that you’re not sure how to apply the way you were raised to your own kids.
  • You didn’t have a good relationship with your parents, and don’t want to do what they did – but you’re not sure what you should do.
  • You’re looking for ideas & excited to experiment.

If any of those describe you, this course is just what you’re looking for! On the other hand...

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have kids, you never will, and you don’t hang out with anybody who does.
  • You’re not interested in experimenting with new ideas to get through the puberty years.
  • You’re not willing to change your own habits and routines at the same time you ask your teen to change theirs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my kid hasn’t started puberty yet?

It’s never to early to start building a strong body and healthy habits. Puberty is all about tranformation and starting early will make sure your kid has all the resources their body needs to do that work as gracefully as possible.

What about precocious puberty?

Puberty is puberty, regardless of the age your kid goes through it. The changes happening in their body are the changes that happened in your own, just a little earlier than expected. Although precocious puberty has its own set of extra challenges, most of the ideas offered in this course will still apply.

And don’t forget: you can always ask your specific questions in the in-course discussion, or during our weekly live Q&A sessions. (Katja says: in 20 years of practice, I haven’t seen it all – but I’ve seen a lot. I’m sure I can help you & your kids!)

My kid seems to hate any idea I have, and refuses any advice I offer. Will I still be able to use this information to help them?

Yes! For one thing, you may find you’re able to share this information with your kid as a brand new idea you’ve never heard before – something that was surprising and intriguing – and your kid might accept it more readily because it’s not really coming “from you.” Plus, a lot of these ideas can simply become part of the family dinner and the medicine chest: your kid doesn’t even have to know it’s happening!

As a mom of four with a long-standing passion for all things natural, I can’t express my happiness with having been drawn to you on this part of my journey! I really enjoy the lessons, your unique personality, and the way you interact and educate. Seriously, I am super stoked about the whole of it!
~ Summer G.

Zero-Risk Return Policy

You won't know until you try - so we give you 14 days to try it out after signing up. If at any point within those two weeks you decide it’s not right for you, just let us know and we’ll issue a refund, no questions asked.

What's Included?

  • 10 Hours of video!

    Webinar-style course with slides plus in-picture live video of the instructor.

  • 5 PDFs & 6 Texts

    Text documents accompany the lessons and direct you to further resources.

  • Live Q&A sessions

    Join us for live Q&A sessions - you're invited every Tuesday & Thursday to ask your questions live and in person! Can't make it? Don't worry: you can also type your questions in while you're watching the lessons and we answer them every day!

Certificate Information

You will receive a certificate for the successful completion of this course. 

This course has 27 credit hours.

This represents the actual time of video instruction and live Q&A, as well as the time allocated for your capstone assignment, quizzes, and other assignments & activities required for completion of the course.

It is reasonable to plan about twice that much time to complete the work: this is because most students like to watch the videos more than once, review their notes, and many students complete more than the required activities. You might also enjoy joining a study group in our Student Community, and you might choose to work on extra activities together as a group to help you internalize all that you've learned. 

Regardless of how long it takes you, there is never any pressure! You have access to this material for life, and in fact, when we add updates and new materials, you receive it all for free, automatically!

If new material is added after you have received your certificate, we are happy to send you a new updated certificate to document the additional time when you complete the new material.

Your Teacher

Co-Founder Katja Swift

Katja is an herbalist and teacher working to help people rebuild their relationships with their bodies and their own ability to heal. She’s been in practice for nearly 25 years, but it all began with a desire to make her own “fancy tea” at home instead of paying high prices for imported blends at specialty stores. She’s kept that do-it-yourself ethic close to her heart the whole way through.

Ready to begin?

Take the struggle out of the teenage years by learning what's happening in the body and how to balance out the peaks & valleys. Herbs can help you! We can help you get started.