Neurological and Emotional Health is intertwined with every aspect of of your state of being.

Our culture tends to separate emotional health from physiological health, and even from neurological health. That's not our perspective! 

We see the deep interconnectedness of every aspect of our health - both in our individual bodies but also in our communities and our society.

Learning how to deeply support your neurological and emotional health will help you live more comfortably in your own skin, and help you keep an even keel in times of stress.

In this course, you'll learn how to:

  • build strong nervous system function even after chronic illnesses like MS or fibromyalgia
  • support nervous health at the cellular level - including the relationship between nerves and hormones - and how to establish balance so that you feel steady 
  • assess emotional health issues so that you can choose the right herbs for the situation at hand
  • manage pain holistically
  • provide herbal support for issues like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

The course includes over 30 hours of video instruction, as well as PDF handouts, quizzes and homework assignments, and more - plus weekly Q&A discussions where you can talk directly with Ryn and Katja.

Learn natural ways to manage anxiousness, depression, and discomfort

What you'll learn

  • Deal with acute issues

    Whether it's pain from an injury or a panic attack, learn the herbs that can soothe and calm your nerves quickly so that you can get relief.

  • Build healthy, strong balance!

    There are a lot of moving parts in your nervous system. When they're at the right levels, you feel steady and calm - learn holistic strategies so that you can!

  • Keep your nerves connected

    Nourish your nervous system so that the messages that need to get through do, and you aren't distracted by "misfires" that cause pain and anxiety.

  • Which herbs best support support health

    Herbs can help every step of the way. Learn the best herbs to support neurological and emotional issues that you're facing - and to help others too!

OMG Thank you!

Jenny T.

I have always felt like it should be possible to deal with stress and anxiety naturally, but there are so many "natural" claims and it felt impossible to sort them all out. This course is making it much easier to see a clear path, to understand why things work, and to know what I need to do to take care of myself, myself!

Check out the complete course curriculum:

  • 1

    Welcome! (00:00)

  • 2

    Introduction (138:56)

  • 3

    Nervous System Anatomy and Physiology (274:11)

    • Overview of Nervous Anatomy

    • Overview of Nervous Anatomy [audio]

    • The Nerve Cells

    • The Nerve Cells [audio]

    • Sending the Message

    • Sending the Message [audio]

    • The Democracy of Nerves

    • The Democracy of Nerves [audio]

    • Neurotransmitters

    • Neurotransmitters [audio]

    • Hormones & The Nervous System

    • Hormones & The Nervous System [audio]

    • Parts of the Brain

    • Parts of the Brain [audio]

    • Hippocampus

    • Hippocampus [audio]

    • Amygdala

    • Amygdala [audio]

    • Prefrontal Cortex

    • Prefrontal Cortex [audio]

    • Heart-Brain and Gut-Brain

    • Heart-Brain and Gut-Brain [audio]

    • The Role of Cortisol

    • The Role of Cortisol [audio]

    • The Impact of Inflammation

    • The Impact of Inflammation [audio]

    • The Role of the Liver in Nervous System Health

    • The Role of the Liver [audio]

    • Many Factors of Health

    • Many Factors of Health [audio]

    • Building the Foundations

    • Building the Foundations [audio]

  • 4

    Herbal Actions for the Nervous System (117:01)

    • Herbal Actions

    • Nervous System Tonics and Trophorestoratives

    • Tonics and Trophorestoratives [audio]

    • Relaxants & Sedatives

    • Relaxants & Sedatives [audio]

    • Hypnotics

    • Hypnotics [audio]

    • Anodynes

    • Anodynes [audio]

    • Stimulants

    • Stimulants [audio]

    • Exhilarants

    • Exhilarants [audio]

  • 5

    Understanding the Energetics of the Nervous System (64:40)

    • Energetics in the Nervous System

    • Energetics in the Nervous System [audio]

    • Heat

    • Heat [audio]

    • Cold

    • Cold [audio]

    • Damp

    • Damp [audio]

    • Dry

    • Dry [audio]

    • Tension

    • Tension [audio]

    • Laxity

    • Laxity [audio]

    • Wrapup

    • Energetics Wrap-up [audio]

    • More on Energetics

  • 6

    Neurological & Emotional Pathologies: Introduction (30:47)

    • Pathophysiology Introduction

  • 7

    Managing Pain (489:26)

    • Let's start with Pain

    • Why do we have Pain?

    • Physiology of Pain

    • The Pain Pathway

    • Interrupting the Pain Signal

    • Pain and Your Brain

    • The Role of Story

    • Holistic Pain Management

    • Actions for Pain Management: Analgesics & Anodynes

    • Actions for Pain Management: Sedatives, Trophorestoratives, & Relaxants

    • Actions for Pain Management: Rubefacients

    • Actions for Pain Management: Anti-inflammatories

    • Materia Medica for Pain

    • Inflammation that Isn't Obvious - a short tangent

    • Salicylates: Willow, Alder

    • Methylsalicylates: Meadowsweet, Wintergreen

    • Spicy Analgesics: Kava, Clove, Pepper

    • The Eclectic "Narcotics": Jamaican Dogwood, Wild Lettuce, California Poppy, Ghost Pipe

    • Cannabis & CBD

    • Chamomile and the Relaxants

    • Lobelia, Crampbark, and Wild Yam

    • Solomon's Seal

    • Nervous Trophorestoratives: St. J, Damiana, Lion's Mane

    • Prickly Ash & blood movers

    • Putting it all Together

  • 8

    Strategies for Neurological Pathologies (272:26)

    • Sciatica & Pinched Nerves

    • Neuropathy & Neuralgia

    • Looking at MS as a template for building holistic strategies

    • Understanding MS & Holistic Strategies

    • Herbs "for MS"

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Shaking Disorders: Restless Leg, Bell's Palsy, Epilepsy, Parkinson's

    • Ketogenic diets and Epilepsy

    • Alzheimer's and Dementia

    • Studies on Stem Cells in the Hippocampus

    • Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Aromatherapy

    • Glymphatic function and Alzheimer's & Dementia

    • A study on the movement of fluids in the brain and Alzheimer's

    • Care for Caregivers

  • 9

    Strategies for ADD, ADHD, and the Autistic Spectrum (138:20)

    • ADD, ADHD, & the Autistic Spectrum

    • In My Language, a powerful video by an autistic person

    • The Gut-brain, Heart-brain, and Head-brain

    • Thoughts on the Gut-Brain, Heart-brain, and Head-brain: A new way of thinking about the ADD & Autistic spectra

    • ADD, ADHD, & Autistic Spectrum Disorders: the Four Pillars, part 1

    • Harm-reduced comfort food

    • They used to say sugar was good for you...

    • B vitamin forms

    • ADD, ADHD, & Autistic Spectrum Disorders: the Four Pillars, part 2

    • Herbal Support for the ADD & ASD Spectra

    • Gut Heal Tea

    • One Last ADD/ASD Spectra Challenge...

    • On the topic of feeling like a trainwreck...

    • Wait a minute...

  • 10

    Strategies for Mental & Emotional Health (407:38)

    • Mental Health is a Spectrum

    • Thinking Holistically about Mental & Emotional Health

    • More on the "bootstraps" analogy

    • Technology and Emotional Health

    • The Value of Boring, Small Interventions

    • A Four-Pillars Approach to Building Mental Health

    • Inflammation, Gut Health, and Mental Health

    • Other resources on inflammation, gut health, and mental health

    • Stopping the Spinning Mind

    • Every Body is Different...

    • Energetics in Mental Health

    • Anxiety and Anxiousness

    • Formulas for Performance Anxiety

    • Irritability, Agitation, and Anger

    • Meditations for Anger

    • Emotion Wheel & Feelings Wheel tools

    • Ways to think about Depression

    • Energetics & Herbs for working with Depression, part 1

    • Some resources on Inflammation and Depression

    • Energetics & Herbs for working with Depression, part 2

    • Working through Grief

  • 11

    Materia Medica for Nerves & Emotions (00:00)

    • Materia Medica for Nerves & Emotions [printable]

30+ hours of in-depth videos, downloadable quick guides, live Q&A sessions, and more - all for $300!

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  • Ask questions anytime - we're always just a click away: you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, and we're committed to personally answering your questions, usually within 24 hours

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Vanessa P.

"I researched different online herbalism courses for about two months and am so glad I found you two. There is so much more than just the material to this course. Because you teach everything in videos, and then with the live Q&A sessions every week, I feel like this is more of an in-person experience than an online course and I love that."

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Your Teachers

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Katja & Ryn
Katja & Ryn

Katja & Ryn almost always teach together. They each have particular talents and areas of interest, and their perspectives on certain issues are quite different! Together, they convey a fuller picture of the realities of herbal theory & practice than either one could do alone.

Katja is an herbalist and teacher working to help people rebuild their relationships with their bodies and their own ability to heal. She’s been in practice for nearly 20 years, but it all began with a desire to make her own “fancy tea” at home instead of paying high prices for imported blends at specialty stores. She’s kept that do-it-yourself ethic close to her heart.

Ryn has been a practicing herbalist since 2010. He came to herbalism by way of martial arts, where his first experiences with herbs were focused on getting back into the game and becoming more flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Passing that experience on to others is what keeps him motivated every day.

Together, Katja and Ryn teach everyone from children to elders, as well as pharmacy students from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Northeastern University School of Pharmacy, where they both serve as associate faculty. Ryn and Katja are the authors of Herbal Medicine for Beginners, and the creators of the weekly Holistic Herbalism Podcast.

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