Working together

This special offering holds both a complete course in working through grief with holistic and herbal support, as well as an integrated community of people who love plants and are going through the same kinds of things you are. 

Our society doesn't provide much support for grieving, but here, we can support one another!

You can join this special course & community at any time - and there is no set speed at which you need to get through the work. The course and the community support are yours for life, so work at your own pace! We are all here for you when you need us!

Tuition for this course is $100

Our work together

This interactive community includes lots of ways for us to work together

  • Community Engagement

    We can chat together privately to share our experiences, and to support one another as we grow within them.

  • Learning Materials

    15 hours of videos, 10 audio meditations, exercises, journaling worksheets, and other materials to help you find a better balance with grief.

  • Herbal Helpers

    Each segment features a different set of herbs to guide our work together and support your journey with grief.

You don't have to do it alone.

The herbs will help, and so will we!

How does it work?

You can join the course & community at any time, and work at your own pace - we are always here for you!

As soon as you join the community, you can chat together anytime, night or day! You will be notified when new materials are added, when someone comments on what you have to say, or when new things are happening. That way you don't have to worry about being logged in at some specific time that might not fit into your schedule - or into your emotional state. You will know when there are updates in the conversation and they'll be there for you when you're ready!

There is no time committment requirement. 
You can work through the material at your own pace - you do not have to "keep up". Some of the learning materials and exercises will really resonate with you, and you'll want to pursue them - and maybe others won't be as relevant to you in this moment. That's ok! Work on the ones that speak to you right now, and you can work on the other ones later when the time seems right for you.

There is no time pressure: just support and nurturing!

This course is unique because it allows us to work together, and tailor the way that we move forward specifically to the needs of this group. Weekly learning materials will directly address how the group is growing and progressing. 

It's not required or even expected that you will magically be free of grief at any particular time - our goal together is to shift our relationship with grief into something that we can live with a little bit easier. 

You have lifetime access to this group and all of the course materials! You can work through them as many times as you like, revisiting things that are the most helpful for you at any time!


  • Do i have to join a facebook group?

    No! Our community interactions are completely private, open only to they people who are enrolled. Everything is hosted right here on our school site!

  • Do i have to log in at a certain time?

    The intention of this course is that we can support one another even across time zones, in spite of work hours, etc. I want you to have the freedom to work on the material when it's right for you - so you can log in whenever you want! If you're having a rough day and you just need to stay off the computer, it's ok - you can do it tomorrow! You can chat anytime, and the course materials are always available to you!

  • Do i have to complete all of the exercises at a certain time?

    No! You can work at your own pace ❤️️
    If something feels particularly helpful in this moment and you want to stick with that part of the work for a while, do it! If you need a break, take it! I will be releasing the material on a set schedule, but you can work with it at your own pace, in your own time, and you never need to feel pressure for your journey to progress faster!

  • How long do i have access to the material?

    Forever! You will be able to access both the course materials AND the support community any time you want, forever. Grief takes time to process, and there is no rush: we'll be here!