Student Clinic Sessions begin June 2020

for students enrolled in the Clinical Herbalist program.

The Student Clinic Sessions take place as live web conferences once a month; links will be provided each month. These sessions fulfill two important goals:

The first is to allow students to practice doing clinical work in a supervised, collaborative manner. The sessions can be as formal or informal as feels comfortable for you - if this is your first time in the role as clinical herbalist, you can stop and ask questions, ask for opinions, anything you need! Or if you are getting ready to start seeing clients on your own, you can work through a session as if it were with a client, without asking for any help at all. 

The second is that it allows students to spend time being clients. We feel that it is critically important that people who are going to do this work actually spend some time doing this work on themselves. Being a clinical herbalist means that you are inviting your clients to do work on their own health - and if you have not done that work yourself, it is not easy to come up with creative ways to motivate and educate your clients.

Over the course of your herbal education, certainly you have done lots of personal experimentation - but actually submitting a full intake form for yourself and working through health issues with structure and guidance is a different experience. It's difficult to practice on yourself! So the experience of working with a clinical herbalist will not only help you work on your own health in a new way, but also help you really understand what your clients will experience.