Holistic Herbalism Materia Medica

Start your herbal education on strong foundations.

Materia Medica is the way herbalists refer to their “dictionary” or “tool box” of plants. It is, literally, the “medicinal materials” – herbal allies ready to assist in times of need! 

The most important part of herbalism is the plants themselves! Get in-depth with more than 85 of the most useful and prominent plants in Western Herbalism. 

Ryn Midura and Katja Swift make learning herbalism as easy as watching TV!

This program includes videos about each plant as well as PDF handouts, introducing you to each plant as if they were a new friend (they are!). You'll learn all the ways that we work with each herb and how it can help you. You'll learn when it's appropriate to work with each herb, and if there are any contraindications. Detailed, up-close photographs will help you learn to identify that plant in the wild.

Four hours of videos are delivered each week, along with PDF supplemental materials. The course typically takes 8 weeks to complete, but you can watch the videos at your own pace, and re-watch them at any time. Katja and Ryn are just a click away - you can ask any questions in the integrated discussion forum, or send us email at any time! We are committed to personally answering your questions within 24 hours.

Feel confident with a whole toolbox full of herbs that you can turn to when you need them: sign up for this course today!

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Course Curriculum

What's included?

90 Videos
86 Quizzes
1 Text
91 PDFs
Katja & Ryn
Katja & Ryn

Your Teachers

Two heads are better than one!

Katja & Ryn almost always teach together. They each have particular talents and areas of interest, and their perspectives on certain issues are quite different! Together, they convey a fuller picture of the realities of herbal theory & practice than either one could do alone.

Get started learning herbalism today! We'll be here to walk you through it step by step.

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