Herbs are a natural choice for Lyme.

Get a plan in place with the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

This concise course is designed both for folks who are dealing with Lyme disease themselves, as well as practitioners and care givers.

We cover in-depth solutions for mitigating chronic Lyme and its co-infections, including multiple case studies. You’ll come away with concrete strategies that you can apply to your own life, as well as ways to help you determine what is most appropriate for your situation.

This course includes five 2-hour video sessions taught by Katja Swift, along with documentation, resources, and discussion!
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What's Included?

  • 5 Videos

    Webinar-style course with slides plus in-picture live video of the instructor.

  • 5 PDFs

    Text documents accompany the lessons and direct you to further resources.

  • 10 Hours

    (This tallies direct instruction time - video hours. Your time spent on homework, reading, and quizzes is additional.)

Your Teacher


Katja Swift

Katja is an herbalist and teacher working to help people rebuild their relationships with their bodies and their own ability to heal. She’s been in practice for nearly 20 years, but it all began with a desire to make her own “fancy tea” at home instead of paying high prices for imported blends at specialty stores. She’s kept that do-it-yourself ethic close to her heart the whole way through.

Don't let Lyme ruin your life!

Learn how to take your health into your own hands.

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