You can make effective herbal remedies.

Close-up, step-by-step videos make it easy to get great results!

This course will teach you how to make herbal teas, tinctures, infused wines, liniments, infused oils, salves, herbal honeys, elixirs, and more.

Each video includes plenty of close-up coverage of each step in the process so that you'll feel confident to do it in your own kitchen! You can watch the videos at your own pace, and re-watch them at any time. In fact, just take your computer right into the kitchen and let's do it together! With over two dozen types of herbal preparations, you'll be ready for anything.

Show me how to make my own herbal medicines!

What's Included?

  • 45 Videos

    Up-close videos show you every step in each process - it's like we're right there in your kitchen together!

  • Printable Quick-Guides

    Easy reference guides and recipes help you start your own collection of your favorite herbal products.

  • Ask us anything!

    If you have any trouble, we're here for you in twice-weekly live Q&A web conferences or you can just type your question in next to the video!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction & Orientation (10:33)
  • 2
    Tea (105:56)
    • Tea Overview
    • Tea Overview [audio]
    • Short Infusions
    • Short Infusions [audio]
    • Cold Infusions
    • Cold Infusions [audio]
    • Long Infusions
    • Long Infusions [audio]
    • Mr Long Infusion
    • Mr Long Infusion [audio]
    • Press Pot
    • Press Pot [audio]
    • Infusions Summary
    • Decoctions
    • Decoctions [audio]
    • Decoctions Summary
    • Tea Quiz
  • 3
    Tinctures (152:40)
    • Tincture Overview
    • Tincture Overview [audio]
    • Maceration Tinctures
    • Maceration Tinctures [audio]
    • Maceration Tinctures Summary
    • Weights and Measures Tinctures
    • Weights and Measures Tinctures [audio]
    • Percolation Tinctures
    • Percolation Tinctures [audio]
    • Percolation Tinctures Summary
    • Additional Tincturing Resources
    • Tinctures Quiz
  • 4
    Infused Vinegars (48:09)
    • Vinegar Overview
    • Vinegar Overview [audio]
    • Making Herb-Infused Vinegars
    • Making Herb-Infused Vinegars [audio]
    • Vinegars Summary
    • Vinegars Quiz
  • 5
    Infused Wines (25:02)
    • Wine Overview
    • Wine Overview [audio]
    • Making Herb-Infused Wines
    • Making Herb-Infused Wines [audio]
    • Wines Summary
    • Wines Quiz
  • 6
    Infused Honeys (50:08)
    • Honey Overview
    • Honey Overview [audio]
    • Making Herb-Infused Honeys
    • Making Herb-Infused Honeys [audio]
    • Honeys Summary
    • Honey-Candied Ginger
    • Honey-Candied Ginger [audio]
    • Honeys Quiz
  • 7
    Syrups (52:11)
    • Syrup Overview
    • Syrup Overview [audio]
    • Syrup Making
    • Syrup Making [audio]
    • Syrups Summary
    • Molasses Syrup
    • Molasses Syrup [audio]
    • Brown Sugar Syrup
    • Brown Sugar Syrup [audio]
    • Elderflower Syrup
    • Elderflower Syrup [audio]
    • Sugar Syrups
    • Syrups Quiz
  • 8
    Oxymels, Elixirs, & Cocktail Bitters (39:49)
    • Oxymels
    • Oxymels [audio]
    • Elixirs
    • Elixirs [audio]
    • Oxymels & Elixirs Summary
    • Making Cocktail Bitters
    • Making Cocktail Bitters [audio]
    • Cocktail Bitters Summary & Recipes
    • Oxymels, Elixirs, Cocktail Bitters Quiz
  • 9
    Oil Preparations (57:30)
    • Infused Oils
    • Infused Oils [audio]
    • Infused Oils Summary
    • Salve Overview
    • Salve Overview [audio]
    • Salve Making
    • Salve Making [audio]
    • Salves Summary
    • Lotions
    • Lotions [audio]
    • Lotions Summary
    • Oils Quiz
  • 10
    Topical Preparations (79:21)
    • Baths and Soaks
    • Baths and Soaks [audio]
    • Baths and Soaks Summary
    • Compresses
    • Compresses [audio]
    • Poultices
    • Poultices [audio]
    • Poultices & Compresses Summary
    • Liniments
    • Liniments [audio]
    • Go-To Joint Liniment
    • Liniments Summary
    • Quick and Easy Skin Care
    • Quick and Easy Skin Care [audio]
    • Topical Preparations Quiz
  • 11
    Powdered Herbal Preparations (83:03)
    • Powders Overview
    • Powders Overview [audio]
    • Capsules
    • Capsules [audio]
    • Capsules Summary
    • Lozenges
    • Lozenges [audio]
    • Lozenges Summary
    • Nut Butter Morsels
    • Nut Butter Morsels [audio]
    • Nut Butter Morsels Summary
    • Electuaries: Honey & Powdered Herbs
    • Electuaries [audio]
    • Electuaries Summary
    • Powders Quiz
  • 12
    Inhaled Preparations (57:44)
    • Herbal Steams
    • Steams [audio]
    • Steams Summary
    • Herbs in Smoke
    • Herbs in Smoke [audio]
    • Thoughts on the word "smudge" and cultural appropriation
    • Inhaled Preparations Quiz
  • 13
    Herbs as Food (45:00)
    • Spice Blends
    • Spice Blends [audio]
    • Cuisine as elitism in Britain and France
    • Fermenting with Herbs
    • Fermenting With Herbs [audio]
    • Herbs as Food Quiz

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