Learn holistic herbal methods to improve the body's innate capacity for detoxification.

No pricey products or extreme “cleanses” required!

“Detox” is a trendy word these days, and there are lots of products on the market that promise to “chelate your heavy metals” and “cleanse your colon”. But what does that mean? What are toxins, and how can we really clear them from the body? Are fasts, cleanses, and laxatives really necessary? When it comes to detox, there are some details you should know before you begin – to make the process safer, more effective, and longer-lasting.

Toxicity and detoxification are real phenomena, but the contemporary understanding of what they mean and how they occur are limited and often erroneously applied. A vitalist approach to detoxification works to enhance the body’s innate capacity to rejuvenate itself. In this 5-part webinar series, we’ll walk through a compass of factors which determine the body’s ability to conduct its innate detox functions.

What's Included?

  • 5 Videos

    A total of 10 hours of video that you can watch them again and again - your access never expires!

  • 5 PDFs

    Printable outlines for each video to help you organize your learning. And, each video is accompanies by a thorough resource section!

  • Direct Support

    Ask your questions live in the twice-weekly Q&A web conferences or with the discussion threads right next to each video!



This includes the videos, the resource files, twice-weekly live Q&A sessions - and, your access never expires! You can watch it as many times as you like!

It's more than just a trend...

Detoxification is an essential process in keeping your body healthy.

  • Find out why restoring healthy liver function is a critical step in any detoxification program.

  • Learn simple and sustainable methods for eliminating toxins from your food, body, and environment.

  • Understand the importance of sleep, movement, diet, and stress management in an effective detox protocol, and why it’s imperative that we nourish before we purge.

  • Learn about herbs that help to clean the blood, support the liver, and restore your body’s natural pathways of elimination and detoxification.

Know before you go.

Before you start another fast, cleanse, or detox program, take a few days to dig in to the art and science of detox from an herbalist's perspective. You may be surprised at what you learn!

Your Teacher

Co-Founder Ryn Midura

Ryn has been a practicing herbalist since 2010. He came to herbalism by way of martial arts, where his first experiences with herbs were focused on getting back into the game and becoming more flexible, adaptable, and resilient. Passing that experience on to others is what keeps him motivated every day.

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So we want you to take the first 14 days to really decide if you love it or not. If for any reason you feel like this program isn’t right for you - if we're just not your cup of tea - we’ll give you a full refund. You don't even need a reason - just please let us know within 14 days of purchase.