If you are an elder yourself, or if you are a caretaker for one, you need to know how herbs will fit into your life safely and effectively.

No one should be resigned to suffer "just because you're old"!

Herbs won't make you young again, but they can help you feel vigorous and engaged in the life you have now - all you need is a little guidance.

The course includes 10+ hours of video instruction, as well as PDF handouts, quizzes and homework assignments, and integrated discussions where you can talk directly with Ryn and Katja.

This course begins Fall, 2020.

Supplementary content will be added in the weeks leading up to the course's start date. Video lessons will be released beginning on the start date.

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The "normal" age-related health decline isn't inevitable.

Start working with herbs today, and extend the life in your years.

Your Teachers


Katja & Ryn

Two heads are better than one!

Katja & Ryn almost always teach together. They each have particular talents and areas of interest, and their perspectives on certain issues are quite different! Together, they convey a fuller picture of the realities of herbal theory & practice than either one could do alone.

It's never too late to start.

Health isn't something you once had, and now have lost - it's something you can always move towards: a path, not a destination.

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